HTML Search Tips
The search tool identifies occurrences of a specified term or string throughout the documentation collection.
Single word searches
Case insensitive

Searching for element will find element, Element, ELEMENT, ....

Complete word Searching for elem will find elem but not element, Element, ELEMENT ....
Partial word Searching for elem* will find elem, element, Element, ELEMENT ....
Asterisk (*) wildcard The asterisk has special meaning in Abaqus, so the following restrictions apply:
  • You cannot search for words or phrases containing an asterisk.
  • You cannot use an asterisk as the first character in a search term.
  • You cannot use an asterisk to search exclusively for occurrences of keywords.
    (See "Advanced HTML Search Tips" for Abaqus keyword searches)
Question mark (?) wildcard This common single character replacement wildcard is not used in the Abaqus documentation search engine.
Multiword searches
If multiple search items are entered, the default behavior is for the search tool to find any occurrences where all of those words appear within a single section (see "Searching the Abaqus HTML documentation" for more information regarding the search section size.)

String of terms

Results displayed include any single section or subsection containing all the terms in any order.
Exact string match Use double quotation marks around the string.
  Searching for "output database file" will find output database file (all three terms, in that order); "output database" file will find output database (both terms, in that order) and file within a single section or subsection.
Search strategies for Abaqus HTML documentation
Use the following strategies to narrow your search and navigate to appropriate sections.
Book Guide descriptions are available in the User documentation section within the preface for each book. Determine the book or books most likely to contain your desired topics. For example:
  • Interactive modeling or visualization procedures: Abaqus/CAE User's Guide.
  • Details on an analysis type or procedure; overview of the Abaqus element library: Abaqus Analysis User's Guide.
  • Example of an analysis: Abaqus Example Problems Guide or Abaqus Benchmarks Guide.
  • New elements: Abaqus Release Notes.
Table of contents Look for section titles related to the search topic or titles that have a high "search hit" count.
Revise search terms Use the relevance of current search hits to refine your search.
Links to other books Most sections contain links to related sections in the current guide or in other Abaqus guides. For example:
Find general information about analytical rigid surfaces in the Abaqus Analysis User's Guide. Use links to the Abaqus Keywords Reference Guide to find detailed information about the *RIGID BODY or *SURFACE options. Finally, use a link to the Abaqus User Subroutines Reference Guide to find detailed information about the RSURFU user subroutine.

For more information, see "Advanced HTML Search Tips" and "Searching the Abaqus HTML documentation."